Mom Deconstructed Podcast Interview

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Recently I chatted to Liz and Kate, makers of the Mom Deconstructed Podcast series, also mothers and sisters-in-law. They are down to earth, funny, honest and into opening up important conversations about the realities of motherhood. Kate even shares a moment and we look at it from a self-inquiry perspective. Listen here     We cover; When do we intervene as parents vs. letting children be independent. The struggle is worth it when your children are small, rather than when they’re teenagers. The value of being consistent-ish. My wish list of what I knew at the beginning of my parenting…

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Radio interview with Nigel Hopkins and 1:1 Companion Coaching Session giveaway

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Today  Nigel Hopkins interviewed me a year on from the publication and release of Spilt Milk Yoga. We talked a bit about Christmas, and about the different ways I’m offering Spilt Milk Yoga out to mothers, workshops, lounge talks, 1:1’s. On the subject of Christmas I thought it’d be nice to gift a 1:1 Companion Coaching Session to a mum somewhere. To go in the draw to win a free Spilt milk Yoga 1:1 with Cathryn, just subscribe on the subscriber pop up, or at the bottom of this page, before midnight this Friday Nov 10th.

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Interview on Happy Mama with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

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Recently Amy Taylor-Kabbaz interviewed me by phone for the Happy Mama podcast series. “Motherhood is such a brilliant opportunity to learn about ourselves because of all the stuff gets tilled to the surface. If we can we can meet ourselves there in motherhood, we’re giving ourselves and our family the greatest gift.” What a great conversation to be having out loud. Listen here;

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Sunday Star Times QnA

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What are you plugging right now? My new book “Spilt Milk Yoga – a guided self-inquiry to finding your own wisdom, joy, and purpose through motherhood.” It’s the book I wish I’d had when I became a mother. The spilt milk is the challenges we face as contemporary mothers, the yoga isn’t poses, it’s yoga on the inside – how we react and deal with all that spilt milk, from the shock of birth and the shift in identity, to managing our own behaviour while we manage our kid’s behaviour, and navigating the paradoxical social invisibility even though we’re doing…

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Swings and Roundabouts Magazine

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To set the record straight this isn’t your traditional parenting book. Spilt Milk Yoga is a book to nurture and guide mothers along this beautiful, but also somewhat confusing and frustrating journey by approaching motherhood as a path to greater self-knowledge. Each chapter is short and sweet to meet the needs of the busy mother. Within each chapter the author shares her own honest, down to earth and humorous parenting stories, a practical practice applicable to each experience and a guided self-inquiry for mothers to contemplate, respond to, develop, and record their practice. Questions asked include: Will motherhood ruin my…

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OWN IT – Embracing Motherhood as Path

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An article I wrote for The Yoga Lunchbox about Spilt Milk Yoga – What it is – Where you can get some more – and How mothers are changing the world!  Motherhood is a fast-track opportunity to gaining self-knowledge. What does self-knowledge mean? What is inner work and how do we DO it? How does one actually self-transform? Motherhood is like the most intense, long haul retreat you could ever go on; you meet your best and your worst behaviours, and no matter what you have to show up every day and be “Mum”, even when you don’t feel up to…

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UPCOMING Two 6-week Guided Self-Inquiry Courses in Mindful Mothering, starting FEB 27 and MAR 2

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UPCOMING A 5-week Guided Self-Inquiry Course. Wellington, New Zealand. Following the release of “Spilt Milk Yoga” Cathryn Monro is offering a 5-week course in Wellington for mothers to come together in a safe environment and engage with the inner work of mothering. Participants can expect to be guided through processes of self-reflection and connection, and come away feeling empowered and purposeful, with fresh insight into the value of their lives as mothers. “It’s so great to know that there are other women out there who are thinking and feeling similar things to me. The workshop helped me link my reactions to…

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