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Guided self-inquiry with other mothers in a safe environment; reflecting, sharing and engaging with the value of your own unique journey and the inner work of mothering. Using contemplative and dynamic interactive methods, Cathryn guides participants through processes of reflection, connection and practice, bringing to life what you are wanting to cultivate in your journey through motherhood. Participants will come to understand more about why you do what you do, learn to connect to your own wisdom, joy and purpose, in amongst the realities of family life. Expect to come away feeling empowered, purposeful, and more connected to self and others.


These 1-2 hour interactive talks are designed as heart-warmers and connectors for your school, workplace, community group gathering, or in your lounge with friends. If you are a mother of any age and stage, this Spilt Milk Yoga Introductory Talk is for you. Cathryn will introduce Spilt Milk Yoga, speak to the challenges of contemporary motherhood, and guide the audience through a shared self-inquiry conversation. Expect to come away with fresh insight into the value of your life as a mother, feeling empowered, purposeful, and more connected to your community.


These 1.15hr sessions are dedicated time for you, with Cathryn as a companion alongside, guiding you in self-inquiry to strengthen and connect to your own wisdom, joy and purpose. To find out more or request a Spilt Milk Yoga 1:1 Guided Self-Inquiry use the contact form below.

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Adapted – Auckland Workshop – check out latest post

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Will now be Saturday 28th October,  1-4pm. 1 afternoon. 3 hours. $100. How do you deal with anx­i­ety, anger, and over­whelm in your life as a moth­er? What if you found a way to trans­form chal­leng­ing moments into a path to find­ing your own wis­dom, joy and pur­pose? Guid­ing you through con­tem­pla­tive and dynam­ic meth­ods this work­shop is all about a con­nect­ing you to your own wis­dom, joy and pur­pose, which is in there, no mat­ter how far away from it you may feel.   “Spilt Milk Yoga – A Guided Self-Inquiry to Finding Your Own Wisdom, Joy, and Purpose…

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JULY 1&2 SPILT MILK YOGA Weekend Course for Mothers (2 half-days)

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A Winter Weekend SPILT MILK YOGA treat for Wellington mothers. Come together with other mothers and be guided through self-inquiry and integrative learning processes that will connect you to your own wisdom, joy, and purpose. The workshop runs over 2 half-days, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, allowing you time to connect with your family while you cultivate the qualities you want more of in your life as a mother. Participants can expect to come away feeling empowered, with fresh insight into the value of their lives as mothers.  

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UPCOMING Two 6-week Guided Self-Inquiry Courses in Mindful Mothering, starting FEB 27 and MAR 2

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UPCOMING A 5-week Guided Self-Inquiry Course. Wellington, New Zealand. Following the release of “Spilt Milk Yoga” Cathryn Monro is offering a 5-week course in Wellington for mothers to come together in a safe environment and engage with the inner work of mothering. Participants can expect to be guided through processes of self-reflection and connection, and come away feeling empowered and purposeful, with fresh insight into the value of their lives as mothers. “It’s so great to know that there are other women out there who are thinking and feeling similar things to me. The workshop helped me link my reactions to…

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