Spilt Milk Yoga 2-hour Retreat

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SUN 9 OCT  1:00 – 3:00 PM, Power Living Studio, 15 Johnston St, WELLINGTON. Whether you are wanting some support in with your inner work, or to feel a sense of community, the Spilt Milk Yoga 2-hr retreat is designed to connect mothers to self and others. Participants can expect to be guided through processes of self-reflection and connection, and come away feeling empowered, with fresh insight into the value of their lives as mothers. Limited to 10 participants. By: Hosted by Power Living Wellington register at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/spilt-milk-yoga-workshop-connecting-mothers-to-self-and-others-tickets-27535239643 or through the Contact page on this website.

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Mom Deconstructed Podcast Interview

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Recently I chatted to Liz and Kate, makers of the Mom Deconstructed Podcast series, also mothers and sisters-in-law. They are down to earth, funny, honest and into opening up important conversations about the realities of motherhood. Kate even shares a moment and we look at it from a self-inquiry perspective. Listen here     We cover; When do we intervene as parents vs. letting children be independent. The struggle is worth it when your children are small, rather than when they’re teenagers. The value of being consistent-ish. My wish list of what I knew at the beginning of my parenting…

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SMY Connecting to Self and Others Day – Wellington

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GATHER with other mothers for a day of connection to yourself, your wisdom, joy, and purpose, led by Cathryn Monro — author of Spilt Milk Yoga . This guided self-inquiry workshop brings mothers together in a safe environment to reflect, share and engage with the inner work of mothering. Using contemplative and dynamic interactive self-inquiry methods Cathryn will guide you toward new understanding relevant to the realities of your family life, and greater connection to your own wisdom, joy and purpose. For new mothers, old mothers, grandmothers, step mothers, all mothers. Expect to come away feeling empowered and purposeful, with…

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Creating Space to Process Motherhood

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This blog is based on an article I contributed to Whole Mamas and is a version of the Spilt Milk Yoga chapter The Shock of Birth/Embracing the Learning.  Yoga teaches us that whatever our challenges we can turn them into learning. What makes the difference is our own internal approach. In our responses we can make choices that increase our sense of liberation and love no matter what the situation. We can move through and beyond the struggle to find meaning in our experience. Here I’ll share with you something of my motherhood experience, like I do in the book,…

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Audio Book Christmas Gift for You

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How do you want to be in yourself this Christmas? What is it you want to cultivate even as you meet the challenges and joys of Christmas and family? Christmas can be a wonderful or challenging time of year, or both rolled into one. We meet our family-of-origin dramas, hopes, expectations, disappointments, our edges of loneliness, connection, our habits around material wealth and spiritual health, and our aspirations to cultivate what it means to live peace and goodwill to all on this earth. This starts of course inside us, in how we treat ourselves and our children. So we’re offering…

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SMY Guided Self-Inquiry Day Review

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“The Spilt Milk Yoga workshop was an excellent opportunity to put down the everyday stuff and to focus on Motherhood and its challenges in a space that was set aside purely for those thoughts and feelings. The Spilt Milk Yoga day allowed me to see that despite all of the challenges of maintaining ourselves and maintaining our ‘be a good Mum’ aspirations, that I am doing a great job (as are the other mothers) and that I can now tell myself that and feel it to be true. The shared challenges and experiences with the other Mothers in the group…

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