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December 2018

Audio Book Christmas Gift for You

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How do you want to be in yourself this Christmas? What is it you want to cultivate even as you meet the challenges and joys of Christmas and family? Christmas can be a wonderful or challenging time of year, or both rolled into one. We meet our family-of-origin dramas, hopes, expectations, disappointments, our edges of loneliness, connection, our habits around material wealth and spiritual health, and our aspirations to cultivate what it means to live peace and goodwill to all on this earth. This starts of course inside us, in how we treat ourselves and our children. So we’re offering…

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SMY Guided Self-Inquiry Day Review

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“The Spilt Milk Yoga workshop was an excellent opportunity to put down the everyday stuff and to focus on Motherhood and its challenges in a space that was set aside purely for those thoughts and feelings. The Spilt Milk Yoga day allowed me to see that despite all of the challenges of maintaining ourselves and maintaining our ‘be a good Mum’ aspirations, that I am doing a great job (as are the other mothers) and that I can now tell myself that and feel it to be true. The shared challenges and experiences with the other Mothers in the group…

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