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April 2018

Turn Burning into Learning with Self-Inquiry

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Spilt Milk Moments – 5 Things You Can Ask Yourself to Turn Burning Into Learning. Spilt Milk moments are a part of motherhood. Sometimes they are BIG and OBVIOUS, sometimes they are small, snagging at your awareness with a little gut-tug of “Oh, something about that wasn’t right.” So can we do something with those moments to evolve our behaviours, to glean a sense of progress amongst the repetition of chores, to choose new responses rather than trip ourselves up on the same old habits and humps? Here are 5 simple self-inquiry questions I shared in a contribution article to…

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Spilt Milk Yoga Mini Retreat

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Join with other mothers for a Spilt Milk Yoga Mini-Retreat Day at Golden Yogi Studio, Takapuna, Auckland. Treat yourself to a day enriching the learning and growth you are engaged in as a mother. Be guided through active self-inquiry processes of reflection and connection toward greater self-knowing and appreciation. Share the journey with other mothers and connect to your wisdom, joy, and purpose, which is in there, no matter how far away from it you may feel. Expect to come away feeling empowered and purposeful, connected to yourself and others, with fresh insight into the value of your life as…

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