Christmas Special – 25% off 1:1 Companion Coaching

By November 6, 2017News

Christmas Special – 25% off 1:1 Companion Coaching

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Far from a holiday, Christmas can be a challenging time for mothers. Hosting. Cooking. Budgeting. Managing blended families, rearranged families, complicated, tricky and loving families. Expectations. Disappointments. Fairness. Hurts. Histories.

This wonderful time of year can feel not-so-wonderful as we balance the load.

How would you like to hold Christmas this year? How would you like to hold your wisdom, joy, and purpose so that Christmas can be more of what you believe it could be?

If you’d like some more options in your approach to Christmas, some perspective in amongst it all, you can book a 1:1 with Cathryn and she’ll be there, right alongside you, skyping in to your lounge, caravan, tent, bach or anywhere you can create a 1 hour window for yourself, to guide you in practices that will connect you to your own wisdom, joy, and purpose, so Christmas can be the fruitful, restorative, joyous time you long for.

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