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November 2017

Radio interview with Nigel Hopkins and 1:1 Companion Coaching Session giveaway

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Today  Nigel Hopkins interviewed me a year on from the publication and release of Spilt Milk Yoga. We talked a bit about Christmas, and about the different ways I’m offering Spilt Milk Yoga out to mothers, workshops, lounge talks, 1:1’s. On the subject of Christmas I thought it’d be nice to gift a 1:1 Companion Coaching Session to a mum somewhere. To go in the draw to win a free Spilt milk Yoga 1:1 with Cathryn, just subscribe on the subscriber pop up, or at the bottom of this page, before midnight this Friday Nov 10th.

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Christmas Special – 25% off 1:1 Companion Coaching

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Christmas Special – 25% off 1:1 Companion Coaching Far from a holiday, Christmas can be a challenging time for mothers. Hosting. Cooking. Budgeting. Managing blended families, rearranged families, complicated, tricky and loving families. Expectations. Disappointments. Fairness. Hurts. Histories. This wonderful time of year can feel not-so-wonderful as we balance the load. How would you like to hold Christmas this year? How would you like to hold your wisdom, joy, and purpose so that Christmas can be more of what you believe it could be? If you’d like some more options in your approach to Christmas, some perspective in amongst it…

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Did you know? You can invite me to your community…

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If you have a group of mums who would like to share an afternoon, a day, weekend, evening… an anything of Spilt Milk Yoga self-inquiry guided by Cathryn Monro, just contact us through the contact form and we’ll see what we can do. New Zealand is easy. Australia is easy too. The US, UK and Canada are not as easy but we can see what we can do… and if you are somewhere else tropical island, Holland or Sweden… just ask. You never know. XX

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Wellington Afternoon Workshop Dec 3rd

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How do you deal with anxiety, anger, and overwhelm as a mother? What if you found a way to transform the challenging moments into path to finding your own wisdom joy and purpose? GATHER YOUR MUM FRIENDS and come together for a half-day 3hr workshop in Wellington in a safe environment to engage with the inner work of mothering. Participants can expect to be guided through processes of self-reflection and connection, and come away feeling empowered and purposeful, connected to their own wisdom, joy and purpose, with fresh insight into the value of their lives as mothers. December 3rd 1:30-4:30pm At…

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