Workshop: TRUE Yoga Auckland

By October 17, 2017Workshops

Stop. Breathe. Reflect. Connect.

Why is it so hard to prioritise self-care as a mother? Is it because we think we don’t deserve it? Is it because we’re just too busy juggling the daily demands of domestic life, work, and motherhood? Perhaps think you will prioritise your inner life sometime, one-day, tomorrow, later. But when is that? When the kids have grown up and left home?

Real self-care is more than a manicure – it’s something that lasts, something that sustains you, something that gives you the gift of connecting to yourself in a way you can take your better self back to your family. And it doesn’t have to be a ten-day retreat.

We know mothers are double-booked. We know it’s very hard to get time away to stop, connect, reflect and reset your habits. We understand that, cos were mums too. So we’ve adapted our Spilt Milk Motherhood Auckland Weekend offer to suit busy mums. Now we’re offering you a simple but effective 3-hour workshop with Cathryn Monro – author of Spilt Milk Yoga – A Guided Self-Inquiry to Finding Your Own Wisdom, Joy, and Purpose Through Motherhood.

“A gift for your cur­rent and future self, as a woman and as a mother.”

(Sara, mother of 3 under 3yrs)

Could you give your self the gift of three hours to connect to yourself, to your wisdom, joy, and purpose? 3 hours for you to pause and connect to yourself in your life as a mother. And don’t worry about finding a friend for the 2 for 1 offer – just come along as you are.

Expect to come away feel­ing empow­ered, pur­pose­ful, and more con­nect­ed to your self.

$100 only


October 28th 1-4pm

TRUE Yoga Studio, 19 Tamaki Dr,
Okahu Bay, Orakei 1071, Auckland