Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Overwhelm – Honour Your Self. Sharing Chapter 23 with you

By October 5, 2017Blog

How are you going with the school holidays? Juggling your kids and other work commitments – feeling guilty that you’ve farmed them out while you soldier on – trying to squeeze in the quality moments you think you should be having but not feeling it?
Or perhaps you’ve nailed it, you’ve carved out this time for a road trip, crafting activities, sandcastles and flow, and you’re wrangling sibling fights and domestic tasks like Nanny McPhee. For now.
We expect so much of ourselves, we want so much for our kids, and sometimes those things mount up, and under the pressure we find ourselves feeling anxious, worried, fearful and overwhelmed. 

If this is you, you might like to read Spilt Milk Yoga chapter 23, engage with the practice of Honouring Your Self and work through the self-inquiry.  

At times I have felt totally overwhelmed, worried, fearful, and anxious as a mother. And I could see that those things were in me. It was my overwhelm, my anxiety, my fear and worry. I was doing it to myself, pressuring myself to be or do something more, to be or do something other than I was, feeling that I was not enough. At these times more than anything I needed to connect with my own wisdom, joy, and purpose – to come to know what more what I WAS, what I AM, what I AM CREATING.

This account and quote below came from an experience I had of going on retreat when my children were 2 and 5…