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October 2017

Mother-guilt. Turning Guilt into Gold.

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Mother-Guilt. Ouch. Why does being a mother hurt so much sometimes? What do we do with “the concrete block of doubt” that sits in our chests? How is the guilt and pain we feel when we think we’ve let our children down, an opportunity to connect to our wisdom, joy, and purpose? Last night I was interviewed live by Kate Southward for A Yogafied Life       Moving through mum guilt… Hello beautiful souls! Tonight at 8:15pm I am delighted to be speaking live with the wonderful Cathryn Monro. A Wellington based author and self enquiry facilitator – Cathryn's book…

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Workshop: TRUE Yoga Auckland

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Stop. Breathe. Reflect. Connect. Why is it so hard to prioritise self-care as a mother? Is it because we think we don’t deserve it? Is it because we’re just too busy juggling the daily demands of domestic life, work, and motherhood? Perhaps think you will prioritise your inner life sometime, one-day, tomorrow, later. But when is that? When the kids have grown up and left home? Real self-care is more than a manicure – it’s something that lasts, something that sustains you, something that gives you the gift of connecting to yourself in a way you can take your better…

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Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Overwhelm – Honour Your Self. Sharing Chapter 23 with you

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How are you going with the school holidays? Juggling your kids and other work commitments – feeling guilty that you’ve farmed them out while you soldier on – trying to squeeze in the quality moments you think you should be having but not feeling it? Or perhaps you’ve nailed it, you’ve carved out this time for a road trip, crafting activities, sandcastles and flow, and you’re wrangling sibling fights and domestic tasks like Nanny McPhee. For now. We expect so much of ourselves, we want so much for our kids, and sometimes those things mount up, and under the pressure…

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Spring Retreat 2 for 1 offer!!

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 2 for 1 deal; get together with a friend and come for only $397 each.   To find out more about this beautiful weekend of deep, restorative work and nurturing for mothers go to the retreat page. November 10-12 from Friday 4pm – Sunday 12pm. And here’s a photo of some beautiful Otaki spring clematis for you. xxx        

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