Spilt Milk Yoga Workshop Review

By September 3, 2017Reviews

“It has been a week since I attended of the Spilt Milk Yoga Weekend Workshop. During the course of the week I have found myself with a smile on my face, reflecting on the warmth and understanding I felt during the the workshop, and personal growth and insight I personally gained.
Today it took an hour to walk to Kindergarten, I could have rushed my daughter, told her to hurry, overlooked her observations of the flowers, stopped her from playing in the stones, hiding in the phone box and deterred her from climbing a wall… but I didn’t. When we finally arrived she said `I love ya mum’. Today, and this week, I have been more conscious of the voices in my head, and listening to the one that leads me down the path to being the parent I always visualized I would be.
In light of this extraordinary workshop, I have been kinder to myself, calmer and more present with my children, less aware of the time and the expectations I set for myself. I am more confident that I am a great mum who mostly gets it right… and when I feel I could have done better, I can now affectionately refer to these chapters as `Spilt Milk Moments’.

The Spilt Milk Yoga Workshop is the kindest, most honest parenting workshop I have ever attended. It is nurturing and supportive. It is a place where I could safely reflect on my best and worst parenting moments without judgement. I came away from the course feeling affirmed as an individual and empowered as a parent. It needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.” 

Toni – mother of 3