Great News! Spilt Milk Yoga Spring Retreat Update – Yoga Teacher Announced

By August 30, 2017News

GREAT NEWS! I’m very excited to announce that the yoga teacher on the Spilt Milk Yoga Spring retreat Nov 10-12 will be Ayurveda and Restorative Yoga teacher Kirstie Cleary. Kirstie’s work will be the perfect balance of rest and nurturing, alongside the focused and dynamic Spilt Milk Yoga  guided self-inquiry sessions. Here’s Kirstie;

My name is Kirstie Cleary.

I’m an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner and Restorative Yoga teacher, and I’m passionate about rejuvenation – the Sanskrit word is Rasayana and means the Path of Juice! Ayurveda and Restorative Yoga are juicy practices that gently encourage integration, wholeness and receptivity. This rejuvenating combination continues to inspire every aspect of my life.

I extensively explored the principles and practice of Ayurveda in my own life before completing my Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management and Advanced Ayurvedic studies under the renowned expertise of two wonderful teachers – Dr Vijayendra Srinivasa Murthy, and Dr Ramadas. I trained as a Restorative Yoga Teacher under the exceptional guidance of Judith Hanson Lasater, a master teacher in every sense of the word. I continue to learn from, and be inspired by, my yoga teacher Lynda Miers-Henneveld, who deepens my daily practice from a place of abundance, joy, and acceptance.

Why Kirstie wants to be a part of the Spilt Milk Yoga Spring Retreat;

 “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” Robert Browning.

Navigating motherhood is a daily invitation to play to our edges. How do we journey on this glorious never-ending adventure of parenting and still retain a satisfying sense of who we were before we became a mother. When we hold the space for our children, partners, friends, and communities, there’s often very little left over for ourselves.

Restoring precious energy levels and the radiance of our heart space is a practice that can be gently infused into our daily routine alongside the myriad of mothering tasks that make up the moments of our lives. Stiram Sukham Asanam (Patanjali II v 46) is a yoga sutra – a wise thread – that speaks to abiding in ease. Abiding implies a willingness to stay. Honouring self-care as a busy mother is a sacred choice that allows us to abide more easily in the sometimes messy, always divine delight that motherhood brings. We become willing to be present for all of it.

I’ll be offering nourishing ways to rejuvenate our bodies, minds, and spirit. Ways to keep mothers juicy and joyful. Ways to help us stay connected to the essence of who we were before we became mothers, so that we can celebrate the fullness of who we are now as we nurture our families. Rejuvenation is an art that dials up your deliciousness. It feels good. And if we feel good, we are more likely to be creative, playful, passionate mothers to our beautiful children.

Kirstie is a mother of three fabulous teenagers. She not only survived but thrived during years of Playcentre and school lunches. Kirstie is currently completing teacher training that focuses on intimacy, heart, and attraction.

Kirstie’s Credentials

Dip Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management (Academic Excellence)
Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, Auckland, NZ

Ayurveda Vignana Sibiram
Purnarnava Ayurveda Trust, Vaidyagrama, Coimbatore, India

Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
YogaYoga Westgate, Texas, US

Advanced Restorative Training (Therapeutic Aspects)
Yogacampus, UK, London, Relax and Renew® Judith Lasater Certified.