Spring Retreat

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RETREAT YOURSELF at the SPILT MILK YOGA SPRING RETREAT – Con­nect­ing to Own Wis­dom, Joy and Purpose Through Motherhood.

2 FOR 1 – Bring a friend and pay only $397 each

Ota­ki, NZ, Nov 10–12, 2017. Fri­day 4pm – Sun­day 12pm

A contemplative and dynamic week­end of guid­ed self-inquiry led by Cathryn Monro, inter­spersed with restora­tive yoga, self-massage and more deli­cious offer­ings led by Kirstie Cleary.

This is time for you. Focused on you. Be guided skillfully through self-inquiry processes that connect you to your deepest self and to others. Strengthen your wisdom, joy and purpose through embracing the challenges of contemporary motherhood as path.



Spilt Milk Yoga is a guided self-inquiry process created for mothers to engage with the challenges of motherhood as path. Spilt Milk Yoga focus­es on the development of self-knowledge (Dhyana) the “yoga on the inside” growing our inner bal­ance, flex­i­bil­i­ty, strength and mind­ful­ness. I bring my train­ing and experience to that process and guide moth­ers in this impor­tant work we do, approach­ing moth­er­hood as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to come to know our­selves, rais­ing our­selves while we raise our chil­dren, embrac­ing moth­er­hood as an opportunity to learn about our edges and befriend ourselves, rather than resist­ing or avoid­ing the challenges.

What happens in a SPILT MILK YOGA workshop or retreat session?

In the room you’d see me warm­ing par­tic­i­pants up to their pur­pose, guid­ing con­tem­pla­tion and jour­nal­ing to focus inten­tion. The work is tai­lored so that each moth­er can ori­ent to a moment she wants to know more about, or to cul­ti­vate a new response to. There is guid­ed shar­ing and con­nec­tions are made, and then I inter­view some­one who wants to learn more about her­self and her sit­u­a­tion. If it was you, we’d chat, we’d fig­ure out our pur­pose, we’d get well con­nect­ed up and then I’d direct you in an enact­ment lay­ing out this unique sit­u­a­tion. We’d lay out what’s going on out­side and inside, and the ques­tion or inten­tion you are hold­ing. When you see and feel your inner world in this way it is more pos­si­ble to build a con­ver­sa­tion with your own wisdom and come to see and learn about your­self and your deep­er moti­va­tions, world-view, and pat­terns. When you intro­duce your updat­ed, con­scious inten­tion, or a new idea, to your exist­ing struc­ture you have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to prac­tice your aspi­ra­tion in this live moment. This enables you to, lit­er­al­ly, prac­tice this new approach, to feel it in your being, to embody the expe­ri­ence as your own prac­tice. The oth­er group mem­bers are involved in this work and the con­ver­sa­tion and shar­ing that come from it are rich, true and pro­found. The work is trans­for­ma­tion­al, and relates to the spe­cif­ic devel­op­ment of the par­tic­i­pant, and the group.

The story of one mother’s guided self-inquiry here.

Cathryn says; Spilt Milk Yoga is the work of softening into our human love and learning, the work of coming to know ourselves, developing awareness, choice and flexibility, and using all the challenges of contemporary motherhood as fuel for that process. The Spilt Milk Yoga Retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself, take time to reflect and connect to self, and be guided in finding practices that will grow your wisdom, joy and purpose in your every-day mothering life, not later some day, when the kids have left home and the house finally stays tidy for longer than 5 minutes. It’s about having that connection to yourself and your children now, and for life.  

Kirstie says; I’ll be offering nourishing ways to rejuvenate our bodies, minds, and spirit. Ways to keep mothers juicy and joyful. Ways to help us stay connected to the essence of who we were before we became mothers, so that we can celebrate the fullness of who we are now as we nurture our families. Rejuvenation is an art that dials up your deliciousness. It feels good. And if we feel good, we are more likely to be creative, playful, passionate mothers to our beautiful children.

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  • a 1hr mas­sage with Kirstie
  • an audio­book copy of Spilt Milk Yoga – A Guid­ed Self-Inquiry to Find­ing Your Own Wis­dom, Joy, and Pur­pose Through Moth­er­hood. Great for in the car, or in your ears when you’re doing house work, or any time you are hands busy/ mind free.
Some questions below from mothers about the SPILT MILK YOGA SPRING RETREAT

Why are the group numbers limited?

Profound learning and this transformative work is not real­ly some­thing that can be taught to a room of 30 peo­ple. The lim­it of a Spilt Milk Yoga group is 12, sometimes less is more. Spilt Milk Yoga is a process of work­ing live and respon­sive­ly to what each moth­er brings, the shared themes, notic­ing what’s alive in you and the group, and build­ing your rela­tion­ships pur­pose­ful­ly to self and oth­er. You then car­ry this out into your lives and fam­i­lies. And as it’s often a deep par­a­digm shift it’s not some­thing that goes away like a hand out or a “taught” lesson.

How does the experience of the retreat differ from 1-1 sessions or the book? (i.e. How tailored is the guided inquiry at the retreat?)

If you are working with the book or audio book you are working on your own, connecting to yourself. In a 1:1 Companion Coaching Session I’m working with you on Skype connecting to self with me alongside you. In a Spilt Milk Yoga Workshop or Retreat this work is a mixture of connecting to self and others. Contemplation, concerns, questions, insights are shared and connection to others is central in this work. In addition, we stand the work up, so for example if there is a question you are holding I use my training to guide you not just in thinking about your experience but laying out aspects of it physically in the room. Participants are involved in unfolding each other’s practice and it is very powerful as often those deeper questions we have are resonant with everyone, so the work and story and insights are shared and deepened by the presence of others.

Is it like doing a yoga class with yoga poses?

Many teachers hold the work of yoga poses (Asana), but Spilt Milk Yoga focuses on self-knowledge (Dhyana) the “yoga on the inside” developing our inner balance, flexibility, strength and mindfulness. I bring my training to that process and guide mothers in this important work we do, approaching motherhood as an opportunity to come to know ourselves, raising ourselves while we raise our children, embracing motherhood as a path knowing our edges rather than resisting or avoiding the challenges.

Here’s one mum’s account of the effect of a piece of work we did. She was struggling to accept and connect with her youngest child. What came out was her need for her own self-acceptance.

Why are the groups small?

This kind of self-inquiry is not really something that can be “taught” to a room of 30 people. I keep the groups small because it’s a process of working live, personally, and responsively to what each mother brings. Participants really share of themselves, and we take the necessary time for people to get comfortable with each other and themselves and create the space to really listen and find something new in themselves. Like an update. And as it’s often a deep paradigm shift it’s not something that goes away, like a hand out or a taught technique or lesson. You can then carry this deep connection to yourself out into your lives and families.

Please contact me with anymore questions, I’m really happy to chat to you.