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By June 21, 2017Media, Reviews

To set the record straight this isn’t your traditional parenting book. Spilt Milk Yoga is a book to nurture and guide mothers along this beautiful, but also somewhat confusing and frustrating journey by approaching motherhood as a path to greater self-knowledge.

Each chapter is short and sweet to meet the needs of the busy mother. Within each chapter the author shares her own honest, down to earth and humorous parenting stories, a practical practice applicable to each experience and a guided self-inquiry for mothers to contemplate, respond to, develop, and record their practice. Questions asked include: Will motherhood ruin my life? What happened to my body, and my career? Am I doing it right? Who’s anger is this? Is an ordinary life good enough? How do I achieve anything?

This inspirational book is for all mothers, especially those seeking to experience happiness, peace and purpose in each moment of parenting and living, and who want to be more present and connected to themselves and their children and find their own inner strength, balance and greater self-awareness.

Resource review – Swings and Roundabouts Magazine for the Early Childhood Council – Issue 31 Spring 2016