Reader Review

By June 21, 2017Reviews

I am LOVING the book, truly. Not quite finished yet but loving the short chapters which work perfectly for the tired nights or quick coffee breaks. I especially loved the quote about your child’s behaviour being a reflection of your own behaviour – that has stuck with me this past week as my daughter has been testing. It’s so easy to get frustrated and so that quote helps me check in before my reaction.

I also find I struggle with the questionnaires, but in a good way! They make me think, and it will be interesting to go back in a few months and see how they’ve changed.

I like that it is little bites of motivation and advice in one, and very reflective. Most books about parenting either focus on either the terrible parts or the rainbows and butterflies. Spilt Milk Yoga puts a positive spin on the everyday parenting and it’s relatable!