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February 2017

UPCOMING Two 6-week Guided Self-Inquiry Courses in Mindful Mothering, starting FEB 27 and MAR 2

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UPCOMING A 5-week Guided Self-Inquiry Course. Wellington, New Zealand. Following the release of “Spilt Milk Yoga” Cathryn Monro is offering a 5-week course in Wellington for mothers to come together in a safe environment and engage with the inner work of mothering. Participants can expect to be guided through processes of self-reflection and connection, and come away feeling empowered and purposeful, with fresh insight into the value of their lives as mothers. “It’s so great to know that there are other women out there who are thinking and feeling similar things to me. The workshop helped me link my reactions to…

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Growing Intention

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Spilt Milk Yoga isn’t about the age of your children. It’s about YOU as a human in progress. I wrote Spilt Milk Yoga because I needed a way to give shape and a sense of progress to the mush of reactions, practices and aspirations going on in my head. I have used this Intention chapter numerous times regardless of my children’s ages and for different situations, and my answers are always different. I wrote the guts of this chapter when my children were 3 and 6. Now they are 13 and 16 but I am still practicing Intention. I guess…

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